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Read the Oct. 15th church newsletter

The Oct. 15th church newsletter is available online and includes information about church news and events. Look for the print edition in the mail.

Download the newsletter.


Church organizes preschool program for mothers


First Christian Church Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers will be held the Thursday, Nov. 6. There will be two sessions: Session 1 (1-2:30 pm) and Session 2 (6:30- 8 pm).

Learn more on the FCC Mops webpage.

Please call (816) 252-6100 or email to participate.

This is an effort to continue our significant outreach to children and families in our community.

If interested, contact the church office



What we are able to do together through faith

This past Sunday Liz Evans shared an offering mediation about what we can do together in faith.

Evans, in her meditation, shared:

"And I am always reminded that individual salvation is free and grace is freely granted to individuals but Christian ministry is much more effective and goes much farther when carried out by WE, the people of Christ!

When we pool our gifts and resources, they multiply to the glory of God; when we work together, we can hold each other accountable, share our stories, learn and grow in the Holy Spirit and become the moving force of action God intends us to be."

Download the full meditation which was given June 15.


Five youth are baptized on Palm Sunday

Receiving First Communion

Palm Sunday brought joy and confessions of faith by five young people.

Those who were baptized following a multi-week pastor's class were:

  • Nathan Joseph Adams
  • Kira Elizabeth Hollinbeck
  • Claire Maire Humphrey
  • Jeremy David Humphrey
  • Elizabeth Jean Thomas

The baptism took place in the church chapel in the presence of family, friends and church members.