Church will host drop-in center for homeless youth

The church will provide a drop-in center for Independence homeless youth who are still attending school working in partnership with three major non-profits.

A pilot program, starting in May, was approved by the Administrative Cabinet and the Trustees during a joint meeting April 7.  Mission Committee members also participated.

The drop-in program will be a couple of hours after school on Thursdays during May while school still in session.

The church will provide space, food and hygiene products. Program support will be provided by Drumm Farm Center for Children, reStart and Synergy. The three groups support similar drop in efforts in Blue Springs and Kansas City and were looking for an Independence location.


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Giving Thanks a Thousand, Including God

Giving Thanks a Thousand, Including God

Last Saturday in the Wall Street Journal, A.J. Jacobs wrote a tribute to his freshly brewed cup of coffee.

He realized as he was drinking the morning treat that he was greatly enjoying it, and that he should thank the person who had prepared it for him, which he proceeded to do.

Then, as he thought about what goes in to making this common morning drink, he said: "I pledged to thank every person who had even the smallest role in making my cup of coffee a reality: the barista, the farmer and everyone in between."

He thanked the driver of the truck which brought the beans to the coffee shop; the paver of the road's asphalt on which the truck traveled and the person who striped the road, making it safe; and the paint makers;

He thanked the pest control workers in the warehouse which stored the coffee; the cup makers and the lid makers for the cups; the special machine tools which made the lids;

He travelled to Colombia to thank the coffee bean farmer; the maker of the depulping machine from Brazil; the auto workers who assembled the farmer's pickup truck;

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Yarn Ministry in September

Yarn Ministry in September

The Yarn Ministry fellowship will meet the 2nd and 4th Saturdays (Sept 8 and 22) in September as we continue to make prayer shawls, baby blankets and prayer cloths along with hats, mittens and scarves for Tabitha’s Closet. 

Many prayers shawls have been given in recent months but there are still many that have been blessed and labeled and are waiting to a recipient. 

So if you have a family member or a friend (within or outside of the congregation) who is in need of prayers, please do not hesitate to ask for a shawl to take (or be sent) to them. 

This is a ministry of the entire congregation so please join us in sharing God’s love

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Church plans one worship service for four Sundays

The church is planning a single 9:30 am worship service for four different Sundays in September and October.

The single 9:30 am service will be held on Sunday Sept. 9, 16, 30 and Oct. 14th.

The single worship service will be followed by a group discussions on the future of the church.'

The four Sunday meetings will take us through a very specific and focused process to develop the future story for our congregation and result in recommendations that will be voted on by the church board and congregation.

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Exciting Things happening with Yarn Ministry

We continue to meet on the first and third Saturdays of each month, 10 am in the Prayer Room and all are welcome.  If we need to move to a larger space, we will be happy to do so, but be forewarned, we are usually a noisy group while we accomplish lots of fun things.

Hats, mittens and scarves are in preparation for our December Mitten Tree and we have lots of patterns and measurements to help with those projects.  We just received another large bag of yarn from Sherry Pappan (Joan Justice’s daughter) – Thank you! – in lots of neat colors for hats and scarves. 

So if you can’t join us on Saturdays but want to make items for the Mitten Tree, please stop by the Prayer Room to pick out yarn or other supplies.

Bill Czeschin is delivering nine baby blankets to Mother’s Refuge (from our last blessing) so we are also working on the next set of blankets for their new babies with prayer cloths for their mothers. 

And there are lots of prayer shawls available – please let us know if you know of someone who could use the warmth and prayers that come with a hand-made shawl.

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Endowment Reports available in the FCC Library

First Christian Church is fortunate to have made some good long-term financial decisions throughout our history, resulting in an endowment fund that continues to provide benefits for us today. 

Updated summary information about these assets is in the quarterly financial reports provided to the Board of Directors. Detailed reports are provided to the Trustees on a regular basis and copies of these reports are now available in the church library (glass cabinet on the south wall). 

Each report contains information on two funds, the first part of the report is for our larger endowment fund and the small tab at the lower right takes you to the information on the building improvement fund.

Please feel free to peruse this information and ask questions if something is not clear.  Geoff Ingram is currently the chair of the Trustees.

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