Dale Rider leaves as church organist

Church organist Dale Rider is taking a new position as organist at Trinity Episcopal Church in Independence at the end of March.

A farewell reception will be held Sunday, March 15th, directly following the 10:45 worship service.  Please come and give Dale a big send off. There will be a basket for card.

Dale served as First Christian Church organist for nearly five years.

Dale shared these thoughts on his development as a church musician writing:

"Although I was raised in a non-liturgical denomination and love and support it still primarily as a member of the Community of Christ (RLDS) International Headquarter's organ staff, playing demo recitals for visitors, Daily Prayer for Peace services, high school graduation ceremonies, and services for the Triennial World Conferences at the The Auditorium and The Temple.

"It was in Feb., 1969, that I answered an invitation to audition before Franklyn S. Weddle and Dr. John W. Obetz. There were a couple of hiatuses for graduate school in Ohio and an extended illness, but I am immeasurably grateful for the many years (and continuing) and the experiences playing organs with 100+ ranks of stops and meeting people from every corner of Earth."

At Trinity,  Dale will be the Organist & Minister of Music, selecting hymns, anthems for a professional quartet of student vocalist/ music majors from UMKC's Conservatory of Music and directing their preparation and presentation of music in worship.

We wish Dale all the best in his new position and appreciate the wonderful music he has shared with us over the years.