Church to Explore Sharing Space with Drumm Farm for Children

The First Christian Church Board of Directors voted (Aug. 27) to enter into a formal consultation with Drumm Farm for Children to share space in the church building.

Here’s the motion that was approved:

The Board of First Christian Church of Independence agrees to enter into a formal consultation with Drumm Farm for Children on sale of the building to Drumm Farm to provide housing for unaccompanied youth while providing separate dedicated space for First Christian Church functions.

The consultation would determine whether it was appropriate to proceed in developing formal plans and appropriate documents that would be subject to approval by both Drumm Farm and First Christian Church.

The core idea is Drumm Farm would purchase the building to create up to 20 apartments for youth needing short-term housing and make major capital improvements in the building. The church would have dedicated separate space for worship, education and other church-related activities.

The church is basically two building - the historic sanctuary built in 1926 and an educational wing built in 1957. Combined there is 38,000 square space. Outside evaluation said the church needs less than 10,000 square feet for its functions.

Here’s more details including the presentation made to the board of directors.