The Family That PREYS Together Stays Together: An Offering Meditation

The Family That PREYS Together Stays Together: An Offering Meditation

I have not been in church for several Sundays.

The main reason is a July trip to Alaska – an extraordinarily beautiful, different and exceptional place unlike any place I have ever seen.

There is something spiritual and affecting about being in the natural world and experiencing God’s extraordinary creation.

There is something magisterial about looking at the face of a glacier, seeing the playfulness of sea lions, observing the grandeur of the bald eagle and sheer wonder and excitement of seeing a pod of orcas.

The experience makes you feel small, infinite and incidental, but evoke a deeper appreciation for a need to preserve and protect the environment.

The trip offered a chance to experience the world before it was occupied, mined, harvested or invaded by tourists … like myself.

Many of the communities located on the inner passage way or accessible only by boat or plane. The cars are few and low mileage.

You come to look at the world in a different way.

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Celebrate the church's 183rd birthday

This July 4th will be the 183rd birthday of First Christian Church – an occasion marking a long history of faithfulness and service.

Several years ago we started an annual tradition of marking the church's birthday with a special gift to the church.

We give birthday gifts to others - a spouse, a child, a grandchild and others. We even give gifts when politely informed NO GIFTS please.

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Who we serve

This is an offering meditation given by Linda Cozad on April 20, 2018.

A minister I heard several years ago gave a sermon discussing the plight of the beggars we see so often on the streets and what might be ... and should be ... our response to them.

As Christians, it is very difficult to walk by and ignore them, yet I think most of us are pretty sure that giving them money only enables the habits which have landed them in their current state in the first place.

His suggestion was a good one. He said: "At least, look them in their eyes. Acknowledge their humanity. Say hello."

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Thoughts on stewardship and being a Disciple

This is the offering meditation given by Elizabeth Evans during the Jan. 28th worship service.

In preparation to be a newly elected, first-time trustee of this congregation, I read something that I have not read in a while and I want to share it with you.

The mission of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Independence, Missouri, with our long tradition of Christian service, is to reach out creatively to people in our community as servants of Jesus Christ; to compassionately meet the needs of all people in body, mind, and spirit; and to work together in unity while respecting our diversity.

What does or should this tell the world and community about us?

First, who or what are Disciples of Christ?

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Wild Women of Kansas City to perform benefit concert for Tabitha's Closet

The Wild Women of Kansas City will perform a benefit concert for Tabitha's Closet on Sunday, Oct. 22nd at 3 pm at the church.

This is a return concert for the popular jazz/blues group which has performed several benefit concerts at the church for the children's clothing closet.

There is no charge for the concert but a free will offering will be taken to support Tabitha's Closet.

There is no charge for the concert but a free will offering will be taken to support Tabitha's Closet.

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Moving Forward: October Stewardship Campaign Theme

Moving Forward.
That is the theme of our October stewardship campaign being led by John and Susan Marquardt.
The stewardship campaign theme or stewardship moments will be shared on three Sundays - Oct. 8, 15 and 22.
Also look for more information in the mail, in the newsletter and online.
This is an important time for the church and a solid response to the stewardship campaign is important.
The stewardship campaign suggest several ways to “move forward”:

  • Bring someone to church
  • Volunteer and get involved
  • Make a monetary pledge
  • Consider remembering the church with a legacy gift
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