We are approaching our New Beginning

Today we have our fourth session in our New Beginnings conversation.

We have worked hard to assess the current status of our congregation and its ministries using the resources and data available to us. We have asked ourselves lots of hard questions and discovered that we have lots of answers and different opinions.

There were some surprises along the way, mostly related to how we actually “see” the information routinely available to the congregation.

A favorite quote by George Bernard Shaw is “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” And that continues to be a problem in our congregation, even though we have many avenues of communication in place.

At our third session, we were asked to write three truths about our congregation, related to our passion, what we are “best at”, and our resources. Here are drafts of those truths compiled by our NB facilitators after the congregational discussion.

These truths will be reviewed in today’s session as a springboard to our future.

1. Our church is passionate about children, service to others, fellowship, learning, yarn ministry, music and Jesus but we are few in number, stagnant in growth, older, complacent and stuck.

2. Our church is best at status quo, over-meeting and over-analyzing, Crossroads, Procter School, service, open-door assistance (i.e. Love Fund), flexible/responsive to community needs, yarn ministry/compassion, Bible study, Pastor Colby (i.e. care for others), retention and longevity of members, giving and caring.

3. Our church is living in a building built by a previous generation that costs more than we can afford to spend and it has created a situation where we feel we need to fill a building rather than concentrate on God’s mission to fill the building.

So where do we want to go from here?

Do we want to do nothing different and just keep going as we are?

Do we want to redefine our mission? Do we want to redevelop or relocate our congregation?

Do we want to close and dismantle our congregation?

Do we want to establish some goals and timelines to evaluate progress in our new future?

Do we want to further investigate some possibilities related to our building/location while we also redefine and focus our ministry?

Where we go from here is totally up to us. Our decision should be prayerfully based on all the information we have gathered along with input from everyone who cares about this congregation.

All ideas are welcome and our fourth session will provide an opportunity for everyone to put their ideas on the table.

After our creative brainstorming conversation, a fabulous lunch will be served to nourish our bodies and spirits as we continue in fellowship as a congregation.

Please plan to stay after worship today and contribute to the story of our future.